The Benefits of Routine Drain Service

Drain Service

Having your drains cleaned regularly is a chore often forgotten by homeowners until a problem pops up. This can be an expensive mistake. Drains can get easily clogged. Think about all the items that go down the drain in your bathroom sink: hair, soap, and toothpaste are just three of the items you intentionally wash down your drain.

This is doubly true for your kitchen sink, where you can add waste food items to the list. And what of the detritus that accidentally find their way to the drain? It’s not just water that heads down the pipes. The everyday usage of our sinks, toilets, and other drains in our home can build up to the point of poor drainage and possible damage that leads to costly repairs.

Here are some of the benefits to a regularly scheduled maintenance cleaning of the drainage system in your home.

Drainage speed

If water takes its sweet time headed down a drain, that’s a sure sign that it is time for a cleaning. Standing water is not a sign of normal function. Best to take care of this now to avoid an even worse result. An overflow can be a particularly unpleasant experience. This is especially true for your toilet. Cleaning the drains will result in faster drainage, a sure sign of a healthy system.

Avoid foul smells

A clogged drain can lead to the buildup of bacteria and mold. That’s a situation you want to avoid, as bacteria and mold can lead to a foul odor or even make family members sick. Yes, water heading down the drains will take most of this buildup with it. But the more clogged your drains become, the more likely it is for bacteria and mold to develop.

Prevent damage to your home

If your drains are clogged badly enough, the chemicals and bacteria that build up in your pipes could all come raining down on your floors and sideboards. This could lead to repairing floors, a fix that is far more costly than regular maintenance of your drainage system.

There are potentially more problems than these but the answer is clear: You need to do regular maintenance on your drainage system. You might be tempted to do this maintenance yourself. There are potential pitfalls to that approach.

When over-the-counter chemical solutions do not work, homeowners may turn to a drain snake. This could be problematic for a few reasons. One, you could damage your pipes by digging around looking for a clog. Two, you may be trying to fix the wrong problem. Sometimes a clogged drain is caused by something other than foreign materials in the pipes. Three, there are several different types of drain snakes. Using the wrong one could lead to an even worse situation.

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