Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Fluid?

Air conditioner

Your air conditioner turns your home into a safe haven from the outside heat, and while they are certainly powerful pieces of equipment that can last for years, they can have their share of problems. One of the most common issues with an air conditioning system is leaking. This can happen for many different reasons, including those listed below.

1. It's Cold Outside

Most air conditioners have trouble working when it's lower than 60 degrees outside. In these temperatures, the evaporator coils can become covered in ice and that can easily lead to leakage on the unit overall. If it's cool outside and you're still tempted to run your air conditioner, you're better off opening your windows and using indoor fans.

2. Your AC Needs Refrigerant

If you notice that the coils on your air conditioner are frozen, this is likely due to low refrigerant levels. Fortunately, this problem can be quickly resolved once you add more refrigerant and the unit can function as normal again.

3. There's a Broken Pump

Another part of the air conditioner that can break and cause leakage is the conditioner condensate pump. Once this breaks, it won't be able to pump the excess water from the unit into the condenser pan, which can cause slow leakage that quickly becomes a bigger problem.

4. Your Drain Line Needs Repairing

If your AC unit is older, take a look at the drain line to see if it's properly connected and in good shape. In some situations, this can disconnect and needs to be re-connected in order for the unit to start functioning. If the line is connected but damaged, then have the part replaced.

5. Clogged Drain

The condensate drain in your air conditioning system is designed to move water out so it can function as normal. When a blockage happens, whether from debris, dirt, or even algae, it’s unable to flow properly. This will lead to the water building up and eventually leaking out of the system completely.

6. The Air Filter is Dirty

You should be cleaning your AC filters out every 30 to 60 days to allow air to flow openly through the unit. If you haven't been doing this, then it's likely the evaporator coils don't have proper ventilation and are freezing or colder than they should be. The frost from these will eventually melt and drip down into the drip pan.

If you need help identifying which of these could be causing your AC to leak, we recommend you call in a professional. At Edco Plumbing, Heating & Air, our technicians will identify the root of the problem keep your AC running like new.

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